Finnish-Swedish pop singer-songwriter Lovana is based in Stockholm Sweden and has during the last 6 years released her own music and performed live on stages around Europe. In January 2021 her single Brave came out, its a catchy pop song about realising your own worth and leaving a toxic relationship behind, and in May her newest song Dance came out. Dance was a big success and has been played on radio stations around the world and the music video has over 250 000 views on Youtube. 

On January 8th she will release her newest song "Amazing In My Eyes" and it´s already being played on some radiostations.


In November 2019 she released "10 Steps Backwards" on all streaming platforms. The song takes you into a landscape of minimalistic sounds with lyrics about longing for something more in a relationship.

If you want a more uptempo feel-good song, dont miss out on "Dont Hold Me Down". This poppy energetic song will surely make you dance your feet off!

In 2020 Lovana released three new songs, starting with "Mommos Sång" in her own mothers tongue Swedish. In honor of her passed grandmother she wrote this song to remember the moments shared with her grandmother.

In June A Love Like Ours was released, and in december Its Christmas Time, which was well recieved by the audience. 


Read more and book her here on www.lovanaOfficial.com or lovanamusic@gmail.com